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Lisp Book Errata

jeudi 11 janvier 2018, par queinnec

This is the errata page for the LiSP (Lisp in Small Pieces) book. Many thanks to Luc Moreau, William Annis, John Gerard Malecki, Peter Keller, Kris Katterjohn who detected these anomalies.


So far only two bugs !

p61, p62, replace the-uninitialized-marker by the-non-initialized-marker

p178 : the function cps-begin (in src/chap5f.scm) should rather be :

(define (cps-begin e)
  (if (pair ? e)
      (if (pair ? (cdr e))
          (let ((void (gensym "void")))
            (lambda (k)
              ((cps (car e))
               (lambda (a)
                 ((cps-begin (cdr e))
                  (lambda (b)
                    (k `((lambda (,void) ,b) ,a)) ) ) ) ) ) )
          (cps (car e)) )
      (cps ’()) ) )

Typos chapter 1

p7, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence : remove the first occurrence of ``special’’, the sentence should now be read as ``When a form does not begin with a keyword, we say that it is a functional application or more simply an application’’.

Typos chapter 2

p39, line 2 : replace colon by comma before ``just’’
p39, line 3 : replace comma by colon before ``At’’

p47, paragraph 3 : remove comma after the word ``Scheme’’

p61, line 2 : change symbol PI into ``body’’

p63, middle of page : add open parenthesis before ``lambda (x) (... x))’’

Typos chapter 3

p74, section 3.1.1 : ’this facts makes’ should be read as ’this fact makes’

p82, last paragraph, 1st sentence : change ``it dynamic extent’’ into ``its dynamic extent’’

p94, lines 8,9 : of the example computation, replace argument-cont () by argument-cont (bar)

p97 : the first method (define-method (resume (k throw-cont) tag) ...) also appears on bottom of page 96.

p98 : the method (define-method (resume (k return-from-cont) v) ...) also appears a second time in the same page.

Typos chapter 4

p116, line 3 : Change ``Compilations’’ into ``Compilers’’

p120, 1st paragraph, line 4 : Change ``a the moment’’ into ``at the moment’’

p131, section 4.3.6, last paragraph : change ``boolify’’ into ``type’’

Typos chapter 5

p150 : first equation : remove the French accent on ’beta-réduction’

p155 : first equation, the French ’et’ should be read as ’and’

p159 : lambda-calcul should be read as ’lambda-calculus’

Typos chapter 9

p311 : Missing letter : the first word of the text should be read as ’Ignored’

p343 : Remove ’will’ from "Our solution will won’t"


Feel free to signal me other errors.